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Profile & Performance

Biotechnology has been described as the last great technical innovation of markind in the century we have just left behind. The GoWB is committed to facilitate the development of research and applications in this field, which is expected to bring about significant benefits to the population. Biotechnology industry is the fastest growing industry in India with a growth rate of more than 35% in the last 3 years (last year 37.42%) and it has already reached up to US$ 1.45 billion n terms of revenue earning. West Bengal too is very strongl in this sector, which can be attributed to certain inherent advantages it has in this sector.

Policies & Plans

The West Bengal Government envisages, among other things, special incentives for early-bird investors, the policy is expected to boost research and investment in units involving medicinal plants, The policy announced today has scope for offering special incentives to investors setting up pharmaceutical and food processing units.

On the issue of genetically modified crops, the policy deals with bio-safety and ethical regulation Effective steps would be taken to form bio-ethical and bio-safety committees, which will advise on the introduction of specific transgenic plants for commercial agriculture.

One of the main objectives of the new policy was to create centres of excellence which wll have modern infrastructure for R & D activities. These centres will have online access to major institutes and corporate houses of the country.

Why West Bengal?
Vast knowledge base with few of the premiers institutes of India located here.
Presence of Kharagpur IIT which over the years have done path breaking research in this sector.
Rich bio diversity, characterized by several species of medicinal & aromatic plants
Diverse agro climatic zones.
A matrix of 75 deliverable product ready for commercialization in the agro and medical sector.
Increase awareness among people about the adverse side effects of synthetic drags.
State government support.
Products & Services (Illustrative List)
But West Bengal is in dire need on the following infrastructure facility to maintain its growth. And this leads to the areas where investment opportunities prevail in this sector:
A. Plant and Machinery
Cod Processor
B. R&D Equipment
Freeze driers and concentrators
Electrophoretic equipments
Gel documentation systems
Shakers / Incubator / Microscopes
Analytical and instrumentation laboratory
Gentralized fully automatic inspection, labeling and packaging area
Prefilled line
Cell culture facility
Probiotic facility
Polysaccharide facility
Formulation and filling facilities
RDNA facility
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