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West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC), the nodal agency of the State Government, responsible for promoting industrialization in the State, is setting up an Industrial Park over approximately 1150 acres of land near Kharagpur. Kharagpur, an industrial town, which is located in the West Midnapore district of West Bengal, is all set to become one of the premier industrial hubs in the country.
Details of the Industrial Park :
The Industrial Park is spread over approx 1150 acres of land, the ownership of which rests with WBIDC
The Park is situated in the north – east end of Kharagpur in West Midnapore district of West Bengal.
The project site is bound by NH 6 connecting Mumbai, Kolkata in the North, NH 60 towards Balasore in the East and Orissa Trunk Road leading to the core city of Kharagpur. Kharagpur is an important railway junction, which is bound by the Kharagpur - Howrah line of South Eastern Railway.
The nearest port, Haldia, is at a distance of nearly 60 km and is well connected by rail and roads.
The park is being developed mainly for industrial manufacturing units, including their vendor parks etc.
M/s. Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Limited (Formerly known as M/s. Telcon) has set up their unit in the park on 250 acres of land. They have achieved their commercial production.
A substantial area has also been earmarked for housing facilities for the employees of the companies interested in providing the same.
All prospective investors are entitled to incentives available as per West Bengal Incentive Scheme.
About Kharagpur :
Kharagpur is an industrial town and divisional head quarter for South Eastern Railways.
It is about 120 km from Kolkata on NH 6 and well connected by roads and railways.
The town has Diesel and EMU workshops which have created opportunities for a large number of medium and large scale units, which have, in turn, given rise to a considerable number of ancillary units. The strategic location of the town has also helped in the establishment of consumer goods, plastic, chemical and engineering industries like Tata Metaliks, Flender McNeil and others.
Kharagpur has developed itself into a cosmopolitan township and is adjacent to Midnapore, the district headquarter. Being quite prominent towns in the district, the area is well serviced by police stations, post offices and branches of nearly all nationalized and private banks. The town also has a fair number of good quality regular as well as vocational schools. Kharagpur and Midnapore towns also offer proper residential facilities.
The prestigious “Indian Institute of Technology” is also located in the town.
The geo physical conditions of Kharagpur also make it a very viable option for the setting up of a park of this stature.
Infrastructural Support at the Industrial Park :
Roads : All the plots within the Park are connected through arterial road of 20m and 17m width. The construction of road is complete.
Drainage System : RCC Box drain has been constructed on both sides of the road along with RCC Culverts.
Power : West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) has already set up dedicated power sub-stations (33/11 KV Substation) for uninterrupted power supply for the industrial units. WBSETCL is also setting up dedicated power sub-stations of 220/132 KV. Power tariff will be as per the existing tariff plans.
Water : Ground water can be used with the approval of appropriate authority. WBIDC is also implementing water supply project from nearby KANGSBATI river.
Street Lighting : Street lighting Facility has been developed in the park.
Other General Information of the Project Area :
Serial No Particulars Details
1 Location Details Located in Kharagpur in West Midnapore district of West Bengal. The project site is 120 km from Kolkata.
2 Latitude and Longitude of the Park Approximately 22°22’ (N) Latitude and 87°20’ (E) Longitude.
3 Maximum Ground Coverage allowed Ground coverage is usually governed by the concerned civic authorities, in the instant case the concerned Panchayat Samity. However, the maximum permissible ground coverage in the case of the industrial building is 40% as per building bylaws.
4 Any shed height restriction As stipulated by the Kalaikunda Air Base authority, Ministry of Defense depending upon the location of the plot and distance from the Air Base.
5 Geo- Physical condition :
i) Velocity of wind
ii) Annual rainfall
iii) Average humidity

10 to 25 km/hr,
About 1800mm
70% to 90%
6 Land filling and Boundary wall Responsibility is on the respective plot holder.
7 Approach road width and capacity All the plots within the Park are connected through a 20 m wide main arterial road and 17 m wide internal road.

The road has adequate capacity to carry the load of industrial vehicles.
8 Voice & data Network connectivity WBIDC is not providing this facility. However, it was learnt that local network connectivity is available in that area. Also all major players of this sector have presence in Kharagpur.
9 Soil Type Soil type is Clayey Silt in nature.
10 Contamination, if any No such contamination as per our knowledge.
Master Plan of Vidyasagar Industrial Park at Kharagpur :
Present Status of land within Vidyasagar Industrial Park :
The total allocable area within the park is approximately 1050 acres.
Out of that, 250 acres of land has been allotted to the anchor unit of the park, M/s. Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Limited (Formerly known as M/s. Telcon).
The remaining area is divided into 11 sectors namely Sector A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K.
The sectors are divided into small plots.
List of major units already allotted land are the following :
M/s. Integerated Equipment & Infraservices Pvt. Ltd
M/s. United Engineering Services
M/s. Rabirun Vinimay (P) Ltd.
M/s. Hard Rock Fabrication Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. Imperial Auto Industries Ltd.
M/s. Tatanagar Metal Industries Ltd.
M/s. Apex Auto Limited
M/s. Tractors India Limited
M/s. Godrej Agrovet Limited
M/s. Nutricraft India Private Limited
M/s. Megatherm Transmission & Distribution (P) Ltd.
M/s. Toro Processor Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. Acropoly Ninomiya Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. BASF Limited
M/s. Ganapati Flour & Food Pvt. Ltd.
Basic Terms & Conditions of Land Allotment
Application for Land Allotment
Interested entrepreneur can apply to WBIDC for allotment of land in the Declaration of Intent format.
Download Declaration of Intent
Interested Investors may contact :

1. Mr. P. Kamalakanth I.F.S
Executive Director,
Phone : 033 - 22553797 / 3802
E-mail: p.kamalakanth@wbidc.com

2. Mr Asok Ghosh
Phone : 033-22553834 / 35
E-mail : asok.ghosh@wbidc.com

3. Ms. Sulohita Sharma,
Officer-on Special Duty (Projects),
Phone # 033 – 22553736
E-mail: sulohita.sharma@wbidc.com

4. Mr. Kanchan Mondal,
Executive Assistant (Projects),
Phone # 033 – 22553751
E-mail: kanchan.mondal@wbidc.com

5. Mr. Subrata Chanda
Executive Assistant (Industrial Park-Site)
Phone : 9046618571
E-mail : subrata.chanda@wbidc.com

West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Limited,
23, Abanindranath Thakur Sarani (Camac Street),
Kolkata - 700017.
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