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Department of Commerce & Industries
Sl. No. Date Description
1. 24.11.2016 Timelines defined for processing of application for land allotment (from the date of application).
2. 05.09.2016 Guidelines for submission of Detailed Project Report (for Land/ module allotment in Industrial Parks of WBIDC)
3. 28.06.2016 WBIDC Office Order, Dt. 28.06.2016
4. 27.06.2016 Letter No. 128-CI/O/ADM/GENMISC/01, Dt. 27.06.2016
5. 27.06.2016 Circular No. 127-CI/O/ADM/GENMISC/01
6. 24.06.2016 Approval Certificate for Suguna Foods Limited Building Plan by WBIDC
7. 24.06.2016 Shilpa Sathi Order
Judicial Department
Sl. No. Date Description
1. 27.06.2016 Template regarding Commercial Contracts
2. 27.06.2016 Letter No. 1217-SJ Dt. 27.06.2016
3. 27.06.2016 Letter No. 1218-SJ Dt. 27.06.2016
4. 02.04.2016 Letter No. 1694-J-JD-1M-01-14(Pt.) Dt. 02.04.2016
5. 04.01.2007 Malik Mazhar Sultan Order, Dt. 04.01.2007
Municipal Affairs Department
Sl. No. Description
1. Inspection procedure and Checklist for Issuance of Occupancy Certificate
Checklists & Procedures
Sl. No. Description
1. Checklist and Procedure for Sanction of Plan by WBIDC for plots at Industrial Parks of WBIDC
2. Conflict resolution mechanism for land and construction permits by WBIDC
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