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Application form WBIDC
Application for Financial Assistance under E.R.S. / E.F.S. / Short Terms
Form for Screening Committee
Form I Particulars of Main Promoter(s)
Form II Format of the letter to the Bankers
Form III Particulars of Directors
Form IV Particulars of Existing Debentures and Long-term Secured Loans
Form V Particulars of the Existing Cash Credit Overdraft Arrangements
Form VI Distribution of Shareholdings
Form VII Particulars of Factory & Non-factory Buildings
Form VIII Particulars of the Machinery Imported, to be Imported
Form IX Particulars of the Machinery already acquired, proposed to be acquired
Form X Requirements of Raw Materials, Chemicals & Components
Form XI Estimated Cost of Project
Form XIA Estimates of Contingency Escalation Provision
Form XIB Margin Money for Working Capital
Form XII Means of Financing
Form XII A Proposal for Raising Share Capital, Loans and Debenture
Form XII B Sources of Funds in Respect of Expenditure Already Incurred
Form XIII Estimates of Cost of Production
Form XIV Estimates of Working Result
Form XIV A Estimates of Productions and Sales
Form XIV B Calculation of Wages and Salaries at Maximum Production
Form XV Cash Flow Statement
Form XVI Projected Balance Sheet
Form XVII Break Even Analysis
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