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The Minor Port Project at Kulpi

  • MoU was signed between WBIDC and M/s. Keventor Agro Ltd. on 05.12.1994 for developing a Minor Port on the banks of River Hooghly, at Kulpi, South 24 Pgs. The company, namely Bengal Port Ltd.(BPL) was formed to implement the Kulpi Port Project. Accordingly, in August, 2004, BPL signed an agreement with GoWB.
  • The project shareholding pattern was as follows:

    • P&Q - Dubai Port(now) @ 44.50%
    • Mukund & KeventorConsortium and Associates @44.50%
    • WBIDC@ 11.00%
  • WBIDC hold 5,06,000 [2,86,000+2,20,000] no of equity share of Bengal Port with face value of Rs.10/- each.
  • Transport Dept, GoWB vide its notification No. 5195-WT/3W-62/94 Pt III dated 20/07/2001 has specified the limit of minor port Kulpi.

Project Features


Eastern banks of River Hooghly.


Total expenditure for development of Kulpi Port: Rs.6,000 Million(Rs.600Cr) at Phase-I and Rs.6280(Rs628Cr) Million at Phase-II – as estimated in the year 2006.

Requirement of Land

3343 acres [ (i) Port @ 742 acres and (ii) SEZ @ 2601 acres ].

Capacity of Port

Phase-1 @ 650 Mn TEUs and Phase - II@ 1350 Mn TEUS
No of Berths: Phase-1 @ 2 Nos. and Phase-II @ 2 Nos.

  • Based on available information, GoWB/WBIDC has entered into several agreements ( 6 no /8 no) with BPL, KoPT and others for development of the said port.
  • In recent time (April, 2018), DP world vide its meeting with the Principal Secretary, IC&E Dept., GoWB has apprise its revised Kulpi project plan (as given below) and shown willingness to start the project again and requested GoWB to facilitate for purchase of land (300 - 400 acres) and to resolve the issue of KoPT over the agreement for use of channel.

Feature of New / Revised Project


New project be remodeled as a port based industrial zone (with a FTWZ - Free Trade and Warehousing Zones) of,300-400 acres similar to DP World-IAFZA combination. Land requirement for Industrial zone @ 150-200 acres and for port cum FTWZ @ 150-200acres.


The proposed land use plan focuses on development of a port based, export oriented industrial zone for small & medium scale industries.

Benefit of the New Project
  • Reduction in Overall Logistics Cost: Kulpi Port will offer a gateway option to the shippers and consignees leading to freight & time savings to the trade.
  • Employment Potential: Port will rejuvenate and create direct & indirect employment opportunity in and around Kulpi both during construction & operations stage.
  • Potential New Industries: Industrial zone can cater to labor intensive industries like textile, garments, gems & jewellery agro processing & light engineering.
  • Access to World Class Technology: World class port, logistics & warehousing solutions will add to ease of doing business.
  • FTWZ will provide an alternative to bonded warehousing with added benefits to the trade.

The Standing Committee of the Cabinet on Industry, Infrastructure and Employment in its 49th Meeting held on 07/03/2019 has approved the proposal for “development of a port and port based export oriented Industrial Zone for small and medium industries and free trade warehousing zone at Kulpi, South 24 Parganas, WB, dropping SEZ components from the agreement through alterations of extant contracts with Bengal Port limited by correspondence. The role of the State Government may be limited to that of a facilitator for implementation of the project. The acceptance of the State Government may be communicated to BPL”.

Proposed Tajpur Port

Cabinet Decision: Standing Committee of the Cabinet on Industries Infrastructure and Employment in its 5th Meeting held on 17.08.2016 accorded in-principle approval

M/s. CRIS prepared the feasibility report which gave the following information:

  • Location: Near Tajpur, 5KM from NH-116B and around 170KM from Kolkata. Nearest Railway station is Ramnagar at a distance of about 8KM
  • Features: Deep Draft of 12.1m with 18KM channel and with a tidal support of 3.9m leading to a net 16m draft facility enabling large cape size vessels of one lakh DWT
  • Dredging: Capital Dredging of about 62Cum for the 18KM long channel is required and nominal annual maintenance dredging of about 1.5mn Cum. Port is to be developed in reclaimed land with green port features.

Committee of Secretaries has been formed for recommendation of appropriate development model for Tajpur Port under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary, GoWB.

Subsequent developments

17th May 2017: Meeting between Secretary Ministry of Shipping, GoI and Chief Secretary, GoWB:

  • Tajpur port to be developed through existing SPV viz. M/S Bhor Sagar Port Ltd.[BSPL]
  • Tajpur port to be developed in Phase-I and Sagar Port in Phase-II

Engagement of Transaction Advisor (TA)

  • Based on NIT floated on 06th Dec 2017 by KoPT on behalf of BSPL, M/S Howe Engineering Projects India Private Limited was awarded the job.
  • Scope of Job to TA included technical viability and financial viability aster establishing traffic demand and estimating cost of development.
  • TA (M/ S Howe Engineering Projects India Pvt. Ltd) has submitted Inception Report (June, 2018), Draft Appraisal Report (August, 2018) and Final Appraisal Report (Feb, 2018).

    Background: Report submitted by the TA had proposed to analyze three scenarios for the location:

    • Scenario 1: As per earlier M/S CRIS report, off the shore near Tajpur however with about 47Km channel length to reach 18m deep draft.
    • Scenario 2: About 27Km into the sea, off the coast of Tajpur, with channel length for dredging of about 18KM to reach 18m deep draft.
    • Scenario 3: About 44KM into the sea, off the coast of Tajpur wherein deep draft of 18m is readily available.
  • GoWB has floated tender for selection of TA through WBIDC on 27/03/2019
  • A tender Committee has been formed on 05/03/2019 for selection of TA

    • Engineer-in-Chief, PWD, GoWB: Chairman
    • Chief Traffic and Transportation Engineer, Transport Department: Member
    • Chief Executive Office, West Bengal Maritime Board: Member Convenor
    • Financial Advisor, Dept. of IC&E: Member
    • Joint Secretary, Dept. of IC&E: Member